Adjusting Today® is a free resource from AI covering the most current insurance topics and critical issues affecting property damage and business interruption claims. It’s written by the leading insurance experts and from the policyholder’s perspective and includes real-life examples to provide insurance agents and brokers, risk managers, attorneys, business owners and other business professionals the context and knowledge to improve disaster preparedness.

Disaster Recovery Today® is our free guide to the FEMA public assistance process and related issues, written from the applicant’s perspective in terms you don’t need to be an expert to understand. It features technical articles on the FEMA Public Assistance Program and disaster recovery issues to inform governmental and non-profit organizations with rapidly changing FEMA policies and regulations governing the Public Assistance Program, and to help manage the response following a disaster.

Insights for Your Industry® is our E-publication created to help specific industries protect their property. For example, our first three editions cover hoteliers and the issues related to property claims that are important to their business following a disaster. Articles are written from a policyholder’s perspective and include real-life examples as a comprehensive guide to improve disaster preparedness.

For decades, we have helped policyholders of all types recover from many of the worst natural and man-made disasters, including terrorist attacks, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and floods. Responding to the Worst Disasters is our free E-publication providing detailed highlights of those situations and how AI became instrumental in placing our clients on the road to recovery and prosperity.

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