We work exclusively for you to ensure that you get the settlement you are entitled to receive from your insurance policy.

Why Adjusters International

How We Help

Since 1965, we have helped businesses of all sizes across all industries handle the uncertainty of how they will recover from hurricane damage.

Our public adjusters conduct a full review of your policy. We analyze and discern whether the damage is caused by water, wind, or rain as this can impact your recovery depending on your insurance policy. Our building estimators and contents specialists thoroughly document all hurricane damage and create an inventory of items and equipment damaged and destroyed. Then we present a detailed claim and negotiate with your insurance company.

What to Focus on After a Hurricane

Consider the following questions when beginning the property insurance claims process:

  • How can I minimize the toll on my employees and customers?
  • How can I help the insurance company understand the extent of my hurricane damage?
  • What is the difference between a licensed public adjuster and an insurance adjuster from my insurance carrier?
  • How much time will I need to dedicate to handling the property insurance claim?
  • What is my insurance agent's or broker’s role in the process?
  • Am I entitled to an advance payment from the insurance company?