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Not only were you thorough and knowledgeable... but you were kind, patient, and understanding. I don´t think we could have completed it without your assistance. ...I am impressed and amazed at your tenacity and your understanding.


Our loss was certainly not easy to measure...Your experts accurately interpreted our policy so that we could utilize all aspects of our coverage, and all aspects of our loss even those which we didn't initially recognize were skillfully measured. Adjusters International managed to minimize the impact of a very serious co-insurance clause, which saved Gerber hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your personnel dealt admirably with the language barrier, the substantial travel time to and from the loss sites and the numerous parties involved in our loss, and eventually negotiated very favorable settlements.

Vice President - Operations Services
Gerber Childrenswear, Inc

I would like to take this time to personally thank the AI Liaison staff for the remarkable job and the accomplishments performed during recovery efforts associated with FEMA 1589 DR NY. ...The total goal achieved was nothing less than maximizing all eligible costs in the best interest of the applicant. ...One strong asset for making recovery efforts a success is having AI staff on our team.

Recovery Supervisor
New York State Emergency Management Office

Your expertise in catastrophic recovery certainly eliminated the need for those at Aldine ISD to spend precious time on dealing with the storm recovery and allowed us to continue using our work time for the benefit of the students in Aldine. the fact that the educational process could continue while the recovery process progressed was a relief for everyone involved...Thank you again for all your assistance and the children of Aldine thank you as well.

Assistant Superintendent of Finance
Aldine Independent School District, Houston, TX

When it was initially suggested that we hire an independent loss consultant, I must admit I was skeptical of the need. However, I am convinced beyond all doubt that it was the best decision for the district to retain your services. ...If I could give anyone who was unfortunate enough to suffer a loss one piece of advice, it would be to retain Adjusters International as soon as possible after the occurrence.

Business Manager
Oregon City Public Schools, Oregon City, OR

Had you been handling and guiding the preparation and presentation of all our damage estimates from the beginning, our recovery could have been far greater. I speak from experience when I say that estimates given "off the cuff" and without consideration of all the insurance policy's provisions can come back to haunt you.

Director of Civil Engineering
Board Of Public Utilities, Kansas City, KS

Had I accepted my... insurance company´s ridiculous settlement offer, I would have been left with a patched-up home with mismatched cabinets, a chronic mildew odor, and thousands of dollars of concealed damage that would have eventually needed repair at my own expense. With your diligent work, my home is again in excellent condition... You and your construction experts identified numerous areas of damage that the [insurance company] adjuster overlooked. You ensured that I received all of the benefits that I was entitled to under my insurance policy, including items that I never even thought of myself.


Through careful inspection and from your experience, you were able to prepare an estimate that was more than what we initially received from our carrier. You also overcame their [the insurance company] adjuster's opinion that the shingles did not suffer wind damage... Thanks again for your advocacy and professionalism!

Mark Copeland
Westcorp Management Group, Dallas, TX
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