Category 3 Hurricane Odile struck Baja California, Mexico early last week causing massive damage to resorts, hotels, and condominiums. Adjusters International has a team of bilingual adjusters and claims professionals, with years of experience in handling these types of claims, on the ground in the hardest hit areas. Our adjusters are able to work hand-in-hand with other local adjusters and the Spanish-language policies in place. We have established relationships with local builders and stateside restoration companies, in addition to being familiar with the local laws in regards to rebuilding and mitigating losses, enabling us to better service our clients and help them through the recovery process.

The insurance claims process can be a difficult one to navigate under normal conditions, but ever more so following a disaster of this magnitude. For policyholders with no prior knowledge of, or experience with, how insurance claims are settled, starting the insurance claims process on your own can be overwhelming. Our public adjusters are there to help those with all aspects of recovery and help policyholders receive their full settlement.

Adjusters International's team is comprised of top experts in the public adjusting field. Our public insurance adjusters’ experience with hurricanes is unparalleled. We have successfully resolved hurricane insurance claims from every major hurricane from the past 29 years, including hurricanes Sandy, Katrina and Rita as well as losses related to the catastrophic damages in Florida from Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Wilma which all occurred within months of one another.

For more information on how Adjusters International can be of assistance, please contact us at 972.267.2430.

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